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Myra Ceyra
Thank you
Friday, May 11 | 07:46 | 0 comments
Everyday I sit here thinking it's me who he loves
I think to myself I am one lucky girl
He says I am as beautiful as doves
As we dance and twirl 

Here in your arms
You made me feel alive
You keep me from all harms
This love is a complicated drive

Nothing could compare to the love we share
Your love is what I need
Please keep my heart with you there
This love will last guaranteed

This never ending love will last
I never knew I'd fall so hard
Remember all the good times we had in the past
You will be my protection on the highest guard

Hold me now
Keep me still
We fell in love but how
I'll love you forever, I will

Never say goodbye
Hopefully that isn't soon
I really tried
Thinking of you as I sit in my room

I never really learned how I cried
To see your smile make my whole day
Because of you my tears are dried
You know my weakness in every way
I love your crazy but uniqueness 

To have a love so strong
Being in love
I know it lasts long
Like a star from above

I'll never leave
Don't let me go
It would be hard to breathe
This is my love and how forever it will show

my dear,
im really grateful to have you in my life.. thankss.. thanks sebab selalu sabar dengan saya.. thanks sebab selalu dengar masalah saya.. thanks sebab selalu ada dengan saya tak kira susah ataupun senang..  thanks sebab setia even jauh and tak selalu jumpa.. thanks for everything.. really appreciate it.. hope this relationship will last forever and ever after.. 

thanks for those things :)

if you know what is in my heart



thanks for everything.. happy birthday to you Saufan Nazran ! may God bless you :)

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