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Myra Ceyra
Monday, February 27 | 23:16 | 0 comments
I feel like i'm a useless person to everyone..

i dont know why.. i cant do the best for everyone.. i love to do the things that everyone don't like..  suka sangat buat perangai.. kuat marah, merajuk, panas baran, and macam macam lagi.. tak kira dengan siapa punn.. worst right?

i'm a lazy person.. i dont have an effort to achieve something that i want..

just think that i have no ability to do all the works.. put the blame on others.. tu je yg aku tau buatt :/

i always promise myself that i want to change .. but until now, nothing ! seriously..

i'm so sorry.. maybe i'm not matured enough :'(

sobs sobss :/

i woke up with tears on my eyes :'(

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